About Us

Hua Xia Multiculture Society (also known as HXMS) has a primary mission coordinating and implementing comprehensive educational, cultural and social programs designed to promote intercultural dialogue, awareness and to respect for diversity. Through advocacy, cultural programs and education, HXMS creates opportunities for our clients and members to expand their cultural knowledge and appreciation. HXMS utilizes its programs and support systems to provide an optimum developmental environment where all members may develop to the highest level of their potential within the intellectually and culturally vibrant community.

Our goal is to help citizens and Permanent residences to:

  • Facilitate social integration and community participation
  • Have access to community resources
  • Cultivate the spirit of mutual help and teamwork
  • Establish cross-cultural links and bridge language and cultural barriers
  • Enhance the quality of life in Canada

Your Community

Contribute to your community, we provide signficant amout of time as Volunteers. It is our non-profit mission. We committe to support local community in Surrey and Delta region. One way we do that is supporting other non-profit organizations through donation of all kinds programs that benfit by our clients, members and general public or to assist in their own fundraising efforts.

Major Sponsors

To our generous sponsor: Thank You! We appreciate your support.

仁和移民公司 周燕 604-365-2509

Hainle海恩勒葡萄酒庄 604-562-8999

刘燕针灸中医师 604-537-5691

咸氏投资理财公司Suby  604-655-1680



创世羽毛球学院 欧阳 778-829-5220

TD Bank  Guildford

CIBC Bank  Fleetwood

足王素里兰里分店  Vivi 604-497-0888

Ellen Du  杜洪地产  778-895-0198

杰西卡移民留学  778-891-8191




Canada China Air Express Inc. - 加中快递  李竹戈 604-720-7086 | www.ccaexpress.com

 Established in 2004, Canada China Air Express Inc. provides air express and freight forwarding services focusing on the market between Canada and China. Through directly connecting with China national air express network, we offer secure, swift, low-cost and high-quality international courier and freight forwarding services to anywhere in China.