The word love

One of our students says what love is: "Love means, something you really care about, and your love is unconditional to love that something so much, till you can't even express how you feel." 爱意味着,你真正关心的事情,你的爱是无条件的。你爱,直到你甚至无法表达你的感受。

Chinese symbols come from painting or drawing. Ancient Chinese people paint or draw some figures. As it evolves, it become Chinese style writing. Art works contains Chinese style writing such as Chinese painting and Chinese calligraphy are great gift ideas and great decoration of rooms. Many people have Chinese style writing on their t-shirts.

Chinese calligraphy is not just writing Chinese characters. During the 4000 years of Chinese history, Chinese calligraphy is the sole of Chinese culture. At the very beginning, people have an intuition about writing Chinese characters well. But later, as they found that Chinese characters have something more than just a good looking, Chinese calligraphy was born. The invention of Chinese brushes greatly pushed the development of Chinese calligraphy as an art.

School Life

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School Year 2013 Fall at Surrey and Langley Campuses.


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A little competitive spirit is good for you. Student competitions help bring about a student’s best effort by inspiring creativity and challenging the student to utilize their skills.

The Chinese Community Library Services Association hosted a Children Storytelling Competition in Metro town, Burnaby 2009. The purpose of this competition is to strengthen participants’ confidence in speaking Chinese, making Chinese learning fun through storytelling as well as to stimulate participants’ creativity and improve their oral presentation skills.


Hua Xia Chinese School in Delta campus 2009 Winter

Hua Xia Chinese School in North Delta campus 2008


Hua Xia Chiness Schoo in Coquitlam and Surrey campus in 2006 to 2007



One Word at a Time

A Tian (pinyin: tiān; literally "heaven, heavens; god, gods") is one of the oldest Chinese terms for the cosmos and a key concept in Chinese mythology, philosophy, and religion. In the Chinese philosophical systems of Taoism and Confucianism, Tian is often translated as "Heaven" and is mentioned in relationship to its complementary aspect of Di, which is most often translated as "Earth". These two aspects of Daoist cosmology are representative of the dualistic nature of Daoism. They are thought to maintain the two poles of the Three Realms of reality, with the middle realm occupied by Humanity.