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Welcome to Hua Xia Forum, a platform to Promote Culture Renewal and Exchange.

What is Culture in Focus?

Culture, identity and the public square

In a society of many different cultures and identities, it is a new challenge for each us to learn more from politics to social economy, and from local and global environment changes. We focus culture exchange, we care our identity, and we voice in the public square. 

Who am I? Who are we? Where do I belong? These questions are at the essence of our identity. From the sports fan's club to the political pressure group, the need to ‘belong' and to find an ‘identity' is a strong human impulse. And not forget our religion and political also play roles in the public square.

With the challenges of living in a changing globalized society, where do we fit in?

Thanksgiving and the Indians

感恩节到温哥华岛的维多利亚去玩﹐参观了博物馆的印地安人生活展览﹐同馆员聊天儿﹐聊到那个老话题﹐印地安人究竟祖先在哪儿﹖我说﹐他们原来是东方人﹐从阿拉斯加过来的。馆员也赞同我的看法﹐他说还有一种说法﹕印地安人是土生的。 Read more